Monday, 26 September 2011

Singular handtree unit completed

Due to the insane complexity of setting up fractal geometry with an organic shape, I have made a singular unit that will repeat to give the illusion of dynamic treelike growth.

More progress...

 Playing with randomness using individual hands, creates a shower-like effect.
 Shaping the randomness into usable forms, first introducing the "handtree" form.
Detail shot, showing the complexity contained within the tree.


I decided to apply fractal logic to the hands, meaning that out of each finger sprouts another, smaller hand and from them, more hands. The result is eerie and visceral, which is appropriate to my inspiration.

Concept chosen and refined...

I decided to go with a variation on the "Eyebyss" concept. Inspired by HR Giger's work, "Mystery of San Gottardo," which is a macabre tale of sentient human limbs, I modeled and started experimenting with human hands.

Project 2 Concepts